What are Hiring and Induction

What are Hiring and Induction

What is Hiring….

Hiring is the process of appointing the selected candidates to the post which is vacant. 

After the hiring process candidates become employees. 

Generally, the authority of hiring new employees is with the top management of the organization. 

Importance of Hiring

  • If an organization completes their hiring process in the correct way it will save the organization money. Because hiring is really expensive. 
  • Better hiring process results in a higher retention rate. So they can reduce turnover rate.
  • Can hire qualified employees to the organization which is suitable for relevant job vacancies.

Hiring Process 

This process has 5 steps. They are,

  • Preparation of Appointment Letter
  • Notification to Appointees
  • Follow up
  • Appointment from the Waiting List
  • Entering to the Contract of Employment
  • Preparation of Appointment Letter

Here, organizations prepare a letter of appointment with the term and conditions of employment. After that, they distribute it among every candidate who has been selected for a certain job post. 

Also, it is a legal document. 

A letter of appointment should contain the following details. Such as, 

  • Name of the appointee
  • Address of the appointee
  • Company name and address
  • Job tittle
  • Effective date of appointment 
  • States of employment 
  • Duties and responsibilities 
  • Probationary period
  • Wages, salary, incentives 
  • Hours of work
  • Retirement age
  • Holiday leave
  • Termination of employment
  • Notification of Appointee

In this step, the organization notified their decision to the successful applicants. 

It is important to notify those who were not selected from the point of public relations. It can send through email or registered mail. 

They sent congratulations letters to the appointee. Also, the HR manager prepares a letter to notify applicants who they selected to the organization. 

  • Follow- up

This means they ensure whether the appointees accept or reject the job offer.

A special letter can be prepared in order to do this and can be sent along with the letter of appointment. An organization should mention in that letter to inform the organization about the appointee's decision before a certain date.

  • Appointment from the Waiting List 

This happened when the rejection of job offers occurred.

When a certain appointee rejects a job offer, the organization will have to decide on an alternative suitable candidate to be hired. Basically, they select the next higher mark candidate to hire. 

Alternative job candidates should be the next most appropriate person. This waiting list should be used with regards.

  • Entering to the Contract of Employment 
Signing Contract

If an applicant accepts the job offer, the organization goes for that process. 

After entering into the contact of Employment they become really a new employee to the organization. 

Here, the appointee putting their signature on the appointment letter, and at the same time, they enter the contract with the organization.

Employees register both manually and in computerized ways.

Original appointment letter given for the employee refers. The organization keeps a copy of the signed letter of appointment. 


Formal Induction - an intention planned attempt to introduce new employees to the organization. 

Informal Induction - it is not planned and it is ad hoc. Employees learn through trial and error methods. 

Familiarise the new employee with the organization. 

Four Types of Induction 

We can identify 4 types. 

  • Organization Induction- Give information Organization such as vision, mission, organization history, board of directors and so on. 
  • Department Induction - About the nature of the department such as the superior of the department, department culture and so on. 
  • Job Induction- give information about their job such as responsibilities, leaves, work layout and so on. 
  • Human Induction - For example physical induction ( employee to the others ) and sending new employees name and photo to the old employees by email. 

Objective of Induction 

  • To build employees confident. Through this they become comfortable. Because of that they will become productive employees by reducing their anxiety. 
  • create a feeling of loyalty and belonging.
  • To familiarize employees by allowing them to learn their responsibilities within a shorter time period.
  • To make favorable attitudes about their peers such as subordinates, superiors and so on. 
  • Guide their new employees to contribute organizational success more quickly.