How motivation can affect toward employee behavior

How motivation can affect toward employee behavior

Motivation is the process of stimulating people to action to accomplish the goals in the workplace goal context of the psychological factors stimulating people’s behavior.

Also, motivation is one of the driving forces behind human behavior.

Those behaviors can be a desire for money, success, recognition, job satisfaction, teamwork, etc.

Reinforcement theory means giving something to motivate employees. This theory has 4 tools.

The first one is positive reinforcement. It means valuing employee’s work by giving rewards, bonuses, etc. If employees work hard to achieve their organizational goals and objectives after seeing these employee’s dedication most managers decide to add some value to their dedication. In addition, these employees receive monetary and non-monetary benefits.

The second one is avoidance learning. This means the removal of unpleasant consequences following the desired behavior. As an example, If one worker normally attends work on time but unfortunately he gets late some days. By considering his normal behavior organization decided to remove that worker’s unpleasant attendance from his/her file. Also, loyal employees can get this opportunity from their workplace.

Punishment is the third tool. This means “imposition of unpleasant outcomes in an employee”. Organizations take action against their employee’s bad behaviors. So, most organizations use this tool to correct their employees and to get maximum outcomes from them. By using this tool organizations can change their employee’s bad behaviors which affect their organization. From this method, organizations can increase their employee’s loyalty.

The last tool is extinction. This means “withdrawal of a positive reward, behavior is no longer reinforced and hence is less likely to occur in the future” Organizations also can change employees’ bad behaviors. We can lead employees to the correct path and can get maximum outcomes.

In conclusion, using reinforcement theory we can change employees’ behavior. These effects are most important for both sides. Also helps us to achieve organizational goals without difficulties.