Employee Performance Evaluation

Employee Performance Evaluation

What is EPF mean…….

The systematic process of identifying, measuring, influencing, and developing job performance of the employees in the organization in relation to the set norms and standards for a particular period of time in order to achieve various purposes.

It focuses people on doing the right things by clarifying their goals. It is in hand and driven by line management.

Purpose of Performance Evaluation

  • Administrative purposes – it help for the functions of other functions. Ex: Reward management, Discipline Management, HR planning
  • Development purposes – help to develop the persons further and to increase the productivity.
  • Informative purposes – PE provide communication facilities for peoples. From that employees can get idea about their current situation, what kind of skills organization want from them and so on.

Employee Performance Evaluation Policies

As an EPE policy organizations should find answers to the following questions before entering into the evaluation process.

  • On whom performance evaluation should do?

Here should first identify what kind of employees should choose to evaluate. Are we evaluating only for a selected group or for all employees within an organization? As a selected group evaluation team can consider based on departments, permanent carder, and so on.

  • When should performance evaluation process start?

For this should choose the period to do the evaluation. To select that schedule there is 3 type of approaches.

  • Fixed time approach – In every year they can choose certain time period and do performance evaluation for every employee who are in organization. So they have fixed time period.
  • Arbitrary data approach – use different time periods for different employees to evaluate their performance.So they do when it required.
  • Job cycle approach – once the employee complete one given task then organization can evaluate their performance.
  • Who should do PE?

Mainly here, the organization should decide who conducts the evaluation program. Evaluators may be immediate supervisors, subordinates, a set of supervisors, etc.

  • How often performance evaluation should do?

Here, is the frequency of the evaluation. Further, they decide the evaluation process as monthly, annually, once a year, twice a year, etc.